The Big sarge Show has a few podcasts and video radio shows.  Below are the HOT shows that Sarge hosts and a description.



The flagship show of the network, the Big Sarge Show gives you political commentary on topics ranging from Sharia law to immigration.  These shows grab the attention of hundreds of thousands of viewers and Sarge has garnered an awesome amount of followers and listeners.  This show is one of the most rivaled shows in internet radio. 

The Big Sarge Show airs Mon - Fridays 6 PM est.  This is one show that youre definitely not going to want to miss. 




Down Range with Big Sarge offers rants of various topics.  Sarge goes live at a moments notice and you really never know what youre in for.  He could be ranting about politics, life, or maybe even someone who pissed him off.  

Regardless of his intent, these short five to thirty  minute segments are sure to leave you salivating for more.    Tue -Thurs 6 pm est

Sarge certainly is no hold bar when it comes to being down range.  TARGET!!! CEASE FIRE!!

Tough Talk with Sarge

Tough Talk delivers a no non sense, tough kind of reality that most shows fail to strike at. ​ Whether its someone that has ticked Sarge off, or an important rant about a topic that he is passionate about, this is one show that is sure to bring it to you straight. 

This shows motto's is: The Cold Hard truth with a side of Facts.  That's exactly what you get on this show. 

This is one show that is NOT for the feint of heart.  TT airs at random times. 


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